Stealing a poncho from a wooden Indian

Had I written this six hours ago, I’d probably have followed the post title with something sarcastic like, ‘this is what I might as well have been doing last night, instead of watching Iron Man 3….’ and left it there.

But it is always worth considering how your appreciation of a film will change over a few hours, or perhaps by the morning-after.

You see, I myself would not have chosen to go see Iron Man 3 (Shane Black, 2013), and during and right after the film, I was just plain annoyed by the whole thing.  I went ‘cos my friends were going and they were dead keen.  But they had the disctinct advantage of having seen the films predecessors, which I haven’t.

What annoyed me (most) was:

  1. the lavish use of humour right the way through.  Stark is so colloquial all the time, and so casual with his relationships, that no-one can take him, not least his threats to the Mandarin (and subsequent parts of the story) seriously.
  2. Marvel Heroes are supposed to be like tortured-geniuses, burdened with the task of keeping society etc. etc.
  3. no-one who is that sleep-depraved can be that insanely handsome
  4. if the love of his life has fallen 200 feet into a burning oil-explosion, and he is sure she’s been killed, surely surely surely even Iron Man has to show some emotion?!

Comic relief and a highlight of the film, was Ben Kingsley’s ‘toast of Croydon’.  And the gunman who confessed, “Honestly, I hate working for these people ~ they’re so weird.”

Our 3D screening had a problem ~ there were these red lines that flashed across the screen randomly.  This began near the opening of the movie, during a scene inside Iron Man’s mask, so I naively assumed this was part of the film; that we were now to see things as Iron Man sees them.  I was wrong.  These lines were not meant to be there and were very distracting for others.  Afterwards, some people complained in such a gentlemanly way that the cinema offered them free tickets to any movie in the world that they want to watch.  I didn’t complain, so I didn’t get a free ticket.


This morning, the morning-after, I asked one of my fellow movie-goers how he felt about Iron Man 3, now that it is the morning after . . . . and he said he thought it was a good film, perhaps too forced by Hollywood, and lacking in the rich Marvel Comic detail that intrigues us boys (and many girls too), but not a bad installment.

Yeah okay, so my initial response last night is different to my morning after response today (now a lot kinder).

While I do maintain that films in a series (or sequels) should be to an extent stand-alone (take the Spiderman movies – a very good example!), was I perhaps a bit presumptuous to (essentially) write a review of only a third of a film?


~ by From an Empire of Ache and Rhyme on May 9, 2013.

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